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Watch Seeks Return of Surplus Funds From District 99 Before $183 Million Tax Increase Request

The $195 per year tax increase ($300,000 market value residence) should not be, cannot be, granted unless the Board of Education demonstrates that when taxes are collected in excess of what is needed, the members of the BOE will fulfill their Oath of Office and return the surplus to the families and business owners who make up our community.

The Downers Grove Watch requests that this discussion be put on the February 26 agenda.

Letter to Board President Kupka:

Bond Trust Fund Surplus Abatement

District 58 School Board To Issue $2.8 Million In Bonds, 20% Of Which Has No Stated Purpose.

If the true purpose for the Working Cash Fund bond sale is for projects (and not for “working cash purposes”), as twisted as that interpretation may be, then the amount this Board can legally and honestly sell must reasonably conform to the amount that is needed. That amount is currently $2,255,000. If the Board desires to sell the Series 2018 non-referendum bond for additional projects, hold another BINA hearing to comply with all of the procedural requirements for issuing debt. If you ignore this recommendation, you run the risk of knowingly, willingly and intentionally selling bonds for no stated purpose, which may be construed in Wheaton, Elgin, or Springfield to be fraudulent.

More Information Here:



District 58 School Board Seeks $2,810,000 Taxable Bond Issuance, Skirts Public Referendum

Scott O’Connell, former School Board Member, gives testimony as a taxpayer advocate to the District 58 School Board.

The community faces $2,000,000 dollars in increased debt burden over-and-above a voter- approved ballot initiative because members of the Board are too afraid of the likely response from the community!

A back-door referendum is not the same as a direct question placed on the ballot.
By using this sneaky method, the District 58 Board will not have to directly ask the voters for permission to raise taxes.

Complete testimony and supporting documents here:




Watch Hold Village Hall Forum

The Downers Grove Watch held a forum to discuss the Village Hall project put forth by the village council to include four possible proposals and bids to build a new combination Village Hall and Police Station.

Included in the project is the sale of a portion of the land which presently houses our municipal buildings.

The forum was held to better understand the implications of the project as it relates to cost and taxpayer responsibility.

The exchange of ideas and concerns were very productive and gave residents an opportunity to ask pointed question of our panel.

We would like to thank the panelists for their time and professionalism in this endeavor.


David Fieldman – Village Manager

David Olsen – 81st District State Representative

Bill White – Village Commissioner

Marge Earl – Village Commissioner


Village Hall Project Forum

At-A-Glance Report Card 2015-2016 for District 58 Students

At-A-Glance Report Card 2015-2016 for District 58 Student Success Rates Based on Student PARCC Assessments; Underwhelming.


DuPage County 2016 ISBE Report Cards1 DuPage County 2016 ISBE Report Cards2

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Downers Grove Watch Association


Olsen wins 81st House District seat


Republican David Olsen, who this summer was appointed to the state’s 81st House District seat, won his own term Tuesday.

Olsen defeated Democratic challenger Greg Hose by tallying 27,818 votes — or 54 percent — to Hose’s 24,145 votes — or 46 percent — according to unofficial results with all 108 precincts in DuPage and Will counties reporting.
Olsen, 28, of Downers Grove, was appointed July 30 to the seat representing all or parts of Downers Grove, Darien, Lisle, Bolingbrook, Naperville, Westmont and Woodridge after the resignation of former state Rep. Ron Sandack.

Olsen called it “a great honor to win the election and to clearly have the confidence of the voters.”

Read More: Daily Herald


Sharply divided Illinois Supreme Court keeps redistricting question off fall ballot

I am deeply disappointed by today’s ruling. The people of Illinois overwhelmingly support independent redistricting, but the decision came in favor of the corrupt Chicago Machine who fear that having an independent body draw district maps will erode their power.
Politics shouldn’t be about maintaining power, it should be about making government work for the people. That’s why I am proud to support political reforms like term limits and fair maps, reforms that will get Springfield working for us again.

-Rep. David Olsen, 81st District



Vattimo Resigns

Commissioner Gina Vattimo announced today that she will resign her seat on the Village Council effective immediately. In a letter to the Village Council, Vattimo expressed her gratitude for having the opportunity to serve the community.

“It’s been my privilege to serve the Downers Grove community and to work with the highly skilled and dedicated members of the Village Council and staff. I would especially like to thank Mayor Tully for being a great mentor as well as someone who cares deeply about Downers Grove and its future,” Vattimo stated.

Mayor Martin Tully said, “While her time on the Village Council was short, her contributions were many and meaningful. Her service to the community is very much appreciated.”

The Village Council will work expeditiously to fill the vacancy created by her resignation.