"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."- Margaret Mead

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#voteNO District 99 Referendum

Watch Hold Village Hall Forum

The Downers Grove Watch held a forum to discuss the Village Hall project put forth by the village council to include four possible proposals and bids to build a new combination Village Hall and Police Station.

Included in the project is the sale of a portion of the land which presently houses our municipal buildings.

The forum was held to better understand the implications of the project as it relates to cost and taxpayer responsibility.

The exchange of ideas and concerns were very productive and gave residents an opportunity to ask pointed question of our panel.

We would like to thank the panelists for their time and professionalism in this endeavor.


David Fieldman – Village Manager

David Olsen – 81st District State Representative

Bill White – Village Commissioner

Marge Earl – Village Commissioner


Village Hall Project Forum

Sharply divided Illinois Supreme Court keeps redistricting question off fall ballot

I am deeply disappointed by today’s ruling. The people of Illinois overwhelmingly support independent redistricting, but the decision came in favor of the corrupt Chicago Machine who fear that having an independent body draw district maps will erode their power.
Politics shouldn’t be about maintaining power, it should be about making government work for the people. That’s why I am proud to support political reforms like term limits and fair maps, reforms that will get Springfield working for us again.

-Rep. David Olsen, 81st District



Neighbors clash over removal or trees in Downers Grove – Edwards House

Downers Grove Council discusses gas station site, Clyde Country Estates subdivision

DOWNERS GROVE – The Downers Grove Village Council on Tuesday night listened to discussion on three items presented, including a redevelopment proposal at the former Marathon gas station site at Saratoga and Ogden avenues, a special use permit request for a research and development facility on Wisconsin Avenue and an update on the Clyde Country Estates subdivision improvements.



Watch Forum A Success

Thanks to all who attended the Downers Grove Watch Forum “What is ahead for Illinois and Downers Grove”.

A special thanks to our guest speakers: Michael Cassa, Executive Director at Downers Grove Economic Development Corporation and Jim Lakely from the Heartland Institute.

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