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College of DuPage trustees, it’s time to go


Six members of the College of DuPage board of trustees have failed the students, parents and taxpayers who relied on them and their — is this word too generous? — judgment.

These trustees failed when they forked over more than $750,000 to shove President Robert Breuder out the door in a hush-hush deal that they refused to explain. They decided it was easier to soak taxpayers, who now will foot the bill for the trustees’ mismanagement, than to make their case openly for Breuder’s golden parachute. If, that is, they have a case.

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The ‘Big Dogs’ Of Illinois Municipal Government



At OpenTheBooks.com, we have completed our annual “Big Dogs” salary report of municipal government. The results are the most stunning ever…

52 city and village managers out-earn every governor of the 50 states. School district treasurers are hauling in up to $485,000. Rank-and-file county employees are racking up $260,000 with massive lifetime pension spikes. But, incredibly, the top three “municipal” employees – with salaries over $300,000 plus – don’t even work for government…

1. 52 Village and City Managers Out-earn Every Governor of the 50 States. In Illinois, the top honors go to administrators of fairly small towns. The top five highest pensionable salaries are Lawrence Hileman ($292,124)- City of Glenview (pop 45,417), Michael Ellis ($258,381)- Village of Grayslake (pop 21,101), Richard Nahrstadt ($251,918)- Village of Northbrook (pop 33,170), Michael Janonis ($241,852)- Village of Mt. Prospect (pop. 54,505), and Christopher Stephens ($240,000)- Village of Rosemont (pop 4,202).

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COD – $762,867.77 Open Meetings Act Violation


DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

In yet another clear act of defiance against the will of the public, Erin Birt walked down the path laid before her by the board attorney, and once again violated the Open Meetings Act.

This time with a deliberate, in your face attitude, as it was clear she wanted to provide the disgraced COD President with one of the largest golden parachute payoffs in the history of Illinois, totaling $762,867.77. Even after another trustee asked if they should read the soon to be voted on contract addenda into the record, Chairman Birt refused.

Congratulations to Erin Birt for once again bringing embarrassment to the College of DuPage for her inability to even follow the most basic law she is bound to, which by the way is a criminal offense!

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