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Monthly archives for February, 2015

Downers Grove mulls changes to ordinance on historic landmark status


Officials in Downers Grove say preserving historic houses and creating historic districts can maintain the village’s architectural charm and history. They also say doing so could have other benefits such as keeping its shopping and retail districts vital.

The village has had an ordinance on the books for seven years that outlines how homeowners can seek landmark status for their historic houses and how historic districts can be created.

But in that time, only two houses have been approved for landmark status, and no historic districts have been created.

That’s a problem say some officials, who want to amend the ordinance to make it more attractive to homeowners who want to preserve their vintage houses or create an historic district in the 183-year-old community.

“The fact that we’ve got only two homeowners who’ve voluntarily sought landmark designation shows me we’ve got to make landmark designation more appealing,” Commissioner Bob Barnett said.

The two houses with landmark status are at 5256 Carpenter St. and 4943 Highland Ave.

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Resident Coalition to Inform Voters Regarding Downers Grove Election

DG4RG distributes questionnaire to all candidates running for Mayor and Council


DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – The Downers Grove for Responsible Government (DG4RG) coalition today announced the distribution of a questionnaire to all candidates running to represent the people of Downers Grove on the Village Council. The questionnaire was sent to both candidates for Mayor and all eight candidates for Commissioner.

“The purpose of our questionnaire is to help further inform Downers Grove residents on the various positions and priorities of each candidate as residents make their selections in April,” said DG4RG Co-Chairman Tim Werner. “We look forward to receiving responses from the candidates.”

Tim Harms, DG4RG Co-Chairman, noted, “Downers Grove residents will have the opportunity to vote on the referendum question which was placed on the ballot through the work of this coalition. They should also be able to make an informed choice for their representation on the Village Council.”

The responses provided by each candidate, combined with available public records, will form the basis for endorsements DG4RG plans to make in advance of the April election.

The DG4RG coalition is comprised of Downers Grove residents who believe in transparent, responsible and responsive government which reflects the will of the people it represents. With the signed support of over 3,000 Downers Grove residents, the coalition last month successfully placed a referendum on the April ballot to give residents a voice in the decision regarding the proposed new Village facilities project.

Residents interesting in becoming involved with the DG4RG coalition should visit the website at www.DG4RG.com or contact the coalition directly at DG4ResponsibleGovernment@gmail.com.

Downers Grove battles aftermath of blizzard


By KELLI MURRAY – kmurray @shawmedia.com

DOWNERS GROVE – The blizzard that hit the Chicago area dumped 19.1 inches of snow on Downers Grove on Saturday evening through late Sunday night, according to the National Weather Service.

Ricky Castro, a meteorologist with the service in Chicago, said the snowfall totals for DuPage County have surpassed a foot.

“Some of the high amounts we’re seeing over the two days is 15 to 19 inches,” he said.

Winfield had the highest recorded snow in the county at 19.2 inches.

Village snow plow crews have been working since 8 p.m. Saturday, according to Director of Public Works Nan Newlon.

“We have had 12-hour shifts running continuously since the storm started,” she said. “We have 16 drivers on the road at any given time, covering 10 snow plow routes.”

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