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Monthly archives for January, 2016

Has Lemon Tree broken the agreement with the Village

Good Morning Everyone!

Watch with interest last Tuesday Council Meeting and the dialogue of the Council with Mr. Black. 

It is obvious that the Lemon Tree has broken the agreement with the Village by “closing their operation” completely and not offering any service to their customers (?).

When the Village heard the cry for a Downtown Grocery Store years ago, the definition of a grocery store was different than what the Lemon Tree has offered its Downers Grove Neighbors. 

I could talk on for a page of two but will put my feeling in just a few words!

Mr Black and his partners should find a different business and open it someplace else other than Downers Grove. 

His business cannot compete with the current providers of groceries in our immediate area, just block away to the north, South, East and west.  A convenience market on the side a restaurant will not make it in our downtown area.  Has anyone heard of Peapod and similar on line delivery services and places like Cuputo’s will deliver to your place for parties, etc  

Please put Lemon Tree out of its misery!  Its competitors WILL!

Bill Wrobel

Interested Citizen of Downers Grove