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Resident Coalition Recommends “No” Vote on Referendum Question

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Village Council’s proposed Facilities Plan is not right for the community

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – Since successfully submitting petitions to place a referendum question on the ballot, the Downers Grove for Responsible Government (DG4RG) coalition has extensively reviewed the Village Council’s proposed “Facilities Plan”, spoken with thousands of residents, and consulted with experts. Based on all available information, DG4RG has concluded that the proposed plan is not right for our community.

The current “Facilities Plan” supported by a majority of the Village Council involves the construction of a new police station, fire station, and fleet services facility on a currently vacant site on the south side of Ogden Avenue near Lacey Road, the sale of a portion of the existing Civic Center property in downtown Downers Grove for multi-family residential development, and the construction of a new Village Hall on the remainder of the existing Civic Center property. The total estimated cost of this project has risen to more than $52 million.

DG4RG does recognize the need to address municipal facilities issues, especially the police station. However, after review, DG4RG believes this “Facilities Plan”:

– Is too expensive and an unwise use of taxpayer dollars, especially with imminent reductions in state funding to municipalities

– Prioritizes “nice-to-have” facilities over critical municipal services

– Improperly uses economic development tax funding (TIF) to construct government buildings

– Subjects taxpayers to excessive risk – including environmental, financial, and commercial risks

Therefore, DG4RG urges a “No” vote on the advisory referendum question which will appear on the April 7th ballot asking: “Shall the Village of Downers Grove spend $46 million dollars or more to construct a new Village Hall, Police Station, and Fire Station?”

Additional information regarding the Facilities Plan and the DG4RG position on this plan will be available on the DG4RG website at www.DG4RG.com.

The Downers Grove for Responsible Government (DG4RG) coalition was formed by Downers Grove residents who believe in transparent, responsible and responsive government which reflects the will of the people it represents. In 2014, DG4RG brought together over 50 volunteers and gathered the support of more than 3,000 residents to place a referendum on the ballot – giving residents a voice regarding the proposed new Village Hall and Police Station.

Residents interesting in supporting or becoming involved with the DG4RG coalition should visit www.DG4RG.com or contact the coalition directly at DG4ResponsibleGovernment@gmail.com.

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