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Another resident steps forward with plan to save historic house


Another proposal has emerged to save the historic Edwards House in Downers Grove.

As one effort spearheaded by a resident to relocate and renovate the Queen Anne-style house is apparently faltering, another resident, Judy Bach, has offered to preserve the house by moving it to a vacant lot she owns on Main Street just south of 55th Street.

Under Bach’s proposal, she would seek investors to cover the cost of moving the house and building a foundation for it if the village would agree to buy the house that it could then sell to a new owner.

Bach said Wednesday that she believes ultimately there would be a buyer for the house that was built in the late 1800s and was the first in the village to have running water. It originally was owned and named after W.H. Edwards, a prominent local business person who founded the village’s first bank in 1892.

She acknowledged her proposal would require the village to take on some risk, but if the house were sold, it would mean “no money would have to be given away by the village.”

Bach’s proposal comes after another resident John Tillotson and his wife, Lauri Wast, offered to move the house from its location at 942 Maple Ave. to property they own at 743 Maple Ave.

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