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Public Property Trash Concerns

Good Afternoon everyone!

A recent visit to the DG Library and parking my car opposite the Pine Cone Cottage revealed a site and storage of a Trash Container that I had not observed before and I thought it timely to share with you. 

I have already shared with you the abuse of the recycled container by overfilling waiting for collection by the realestate/realestate tenants.  It is obvious that they have no concern for the appearance of the 

Village Parking Lot, Downtown Downers Grove and the North Entrance to the DG Public Library.

Their overflowing recycle bin is available for all to see. 

I call your attention to the fact that Pine Cone Cottage, the Library, and other merchants store their containers on their property. only a few Business use the Village Parking Lot for their Container Storage.

Last week, November 3rd, I submitted a few E Mails establishing the abuses of the site used in the Village Parking lot with suggestions and views of Organized Trash Container Storage in St. Charles with various suggestions as to how to proceed with reorganizing the Container Storage as it exists in the Village Parking Lot. 

I am requesting that the Village Manager organize a meeting at his convenience with the addressee’s of this email to discuss this issue and to develop a plan of action moving forward. 

I will be available, Thursday and Friday of this week, November 12 and 13.  Will not be available November 16th to November 20th inclusive. 

We have made progress since last December and this spring.  The Village must insist upon Container sizes, frequency of pick up, and Common Trash Hauler for all concerned Businesses since one or two businesses/tenants ignore the requests and the appearance of the Village Downtown and Village Parking lot which is most often mistaken for the DG Library Parking Lot since their is no signage indicating otherwise.

I am trying to resolve this problem with the instituting of the Downtown Recycling Program.  The time is right to institute these changes.

Manager Fieldman your facilitating this effort is greatly appreciated. 

Bill Wrobel – Downers Grove Watch








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