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Water Meter Reading Device Project

In January 2015, the Village will begin a 12-month process of replacing the transmission units that send water meter readings from residential and business customer meters to the Village for water billing. The original transmission units, known as MTUs, were installed in 2002 and are beginning to fail. Nearly all of the 16,700 MTUs are located on the outside of customer homes or buildings.

water meter

The Village’s vendor, Aclara, and their contractor Scope Services, will remove the existing MTUs and install the new ones at each building over the course of 2015. There will not be service or billing disruptions when the units are replaced.

Water customers (residents and businesses) will be notified when work is planned to occur in their area. Scope will call customers twice: two weeks prior to the scheduled replacement and two days prior to the installation.

Most MTU replacements will take less than 30 minutes and will occur entirely on the exterior of the building, with the same exterior placement as the existing MTU. For locations where the MTU is inside a home or building, Scope will make an appointment with the customer to access the unit.

Scope will maintain a customer service line, 1-888-209-5075, to respond to inquiries from residents and businesses. Customers may also contact the Village with questions.

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