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The ‘Big Dogs’ Of Illinois Municipal Government



At OpenTheBooks.com, we have completed our annual “Big Dogs” salary report of municipal government. The results are the most stunning ever…

52 city and village managers out-earn every governor of the 50 states. School district treasurers are hauling in up to $485,000. Rank-and-file county employees are racking up $260,000 with massive lifetime pension spikes. But, incredibly, the top three “municipal” employees – with salaries over $300,000 plus – don’t even work for government…

1. 52 Village and City Managers Out-earn Every Governor of the 50 States. In Illinois, the top honors go to administrators of fairly small towns. The top five highest pensionable salaries are Lawrence Hileman ($292,124)- City of Glenview (pop 45,417), Michael Ellis ($258,381)- Village of Grayslake (pop 21,101), Richard Nahrstadt ($251,918)- Village of Northbrook (pop 33,170), Michael Janonis ($241,852)- Village of Mt. Prospect (pop. 54,505), and Christopher Stephens ($240,000)- Village of Rosemont (pop 4,202).

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